LAO-Tucson Closes on $12.61 Million of Land Sales in Northwest Tucson

TUCSON, Arizona — Will White and John Carroll with Land Advisors Organization (LAO) closed this week on $12.61 million in land sales in Rancho Vistoso and Gladden Farms in Northwest Tucson submarket.

A New York-based land investment REIT, JEN Arizona 32, LLC and affiliate TerraWest Communities (Mike Jesberger) purchased Blocks 5H and 5I (190 Acres) at Rancho Vistoso Neighborhood 5 in Oro Valley for $6.3 million. The buyer plans to plat the parcels for a mix of production lot sizes. The Seller was VP Loan II, LLC.

Richmond American acquired 19 paper lots in Rancho Vistoso Neighborhood 10T for $850,000 ($44,737 perplatted and engineered lot). The 19 lots are a Vistoso infill parcel sold by Tempe-based, Grace Holdings, LLC (Bernadette Wolfswinkel, manager).

“Rancho Vistoso goes all the way back to the 1980’s and 90’s, so Vistoso is some of the best infill in the region at this point. It has a proven track record of some of the strongest pricing power and pace in the Tucson metro area. It is surrounded by supporting amenities, employment and the views and aesthetics of that area are amazing. Homebuilders continue to scout opportunities in that masterplan because they are having great success. As the options become limited in Rancho Vistoso, we expect land to continue to trade at a premium that reflects the strong attributes of the project,” commented White.

Richmond also closed on it’s second deal at Gladden Farms in 2018 for another 105-finished lots for $5.46 million ($52,000 per lot). The lots were sold by the developer, Gladden Phase II, LLC (Crown West Realty, Dean Wingert). Will White and John Carroll of Land Advisors Organization in Tucson handled the transaction and have the marketing assignment on all of Gladden Farms.

“Gladden Farms has closed 347 lots YTD. It is not surprising that new blocks are trading at volume, it is a fantastic community in a strong growth area. North Marana has huge momentum and will continue to capitalize on the constraints of the metro area for many years to come.”

White added, “The great thing about the Tucson market is that it is showing strength in almost every component. We are seeing much better economic news and supply is tight on all fronts which is providing a very stable situation. We like to look at burn rate and this year there has been a big push to affordability and building specs to get ahead of timing concerns and get cost efficiencies. This all leads to the build out of communities faster than everyone was anticipating. Bottom line is we need more land in production in all areas of Tucson or we can simply expect price increase all around from land to housing over the next 24 months.”

For more information, White and Carroll should be reached at 520.514.7454.